What is Calmosine Digestion?

Calmosine Digestion is a plant based food supplement.

Calmosine Digestion contains Fennel which is known to aid smooth digestion. Lime Flower is traditionally used in herbal teas due to its calming and soothing properties and Orange Blossom for its delicate fragrance.

Calmosine Digestion is purchased in handy 5 ml sachets ideal for your baby bag. Consumed by baby undiluted before each meal to a maximum of 6 times a day. Calmosine can be used from birth.

Calmosine was developed by Laboratoires Laudavie, a French company committed to innovation in the field of family products and founded on the principle that nature’s resources have a curative potential.

Calmosine Digestion is the leading food supplement for digestive comfort in France with a 60% market share. The full Calmosine range has a ECOCERT Bio organic certification meaning the full production process from ingredient growth to packaging has been certified organic.

Signs of digestive discomfort

Despite experiencing any of these signs,  your baby should be gaining weight and feeding normally. If you notice your baby displaying any of the following symptoms they could be suffering from digestive discomfort:

A red and flushed face when baby cries
Baby clenching their fists whilst crying
Crying for several hours at a time in the late afternoon or evening
Intense bouts of crying
Baby drawing their knees in tightly whilst crying
Baby arching their back whilst crying
Rumbly tummy or wind

Strategies to naturally relieve discomfort

There are some strategies you can use in caring for your baby which are considered beneficial, these include:

  • Gently massaging baby’s tummy
  • Bathing baby in a warm bath
  • Burping baby after feeds
  • Gently rocking baby over your shoulder
  • Holding your baby during bouts of crying
  • Preventing baby from swallowing air by holding them upright during feeds


Digestive Relief

The symptoms of digestive discomfort will usually begin when your baby is a few weeks old and normally clears up by the time they’re four to six months of age.

Despite extensive research why some babies experience it and others don’t remains a mystery.

Various potential explanations have been suggested by experts such as trapped wind, indigestion or temporary gut sensitivity to particular proteins and sugars found in formula and breast milk. The confusion surrounding this discomfort together with conflicting advice and its resistance to painkillers makes it a distressing time for your family. Baby can seem inconsolable but their inability to communicate their discomfort only serves to compound your frustration.

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