What is Calmosine Sleep?

Calmosine Sleep is a natural plant based food supplement formulated to help restore a good night’s sleep. It contains Lemon Balm, known for its soothing qualities, calming ingredient Lemon Verbena to help restore regular sleep patterns and Orange Blossom for its delicate fragrance.

Calmosine Sleep is purchased in handy 10 ml sachets to be consumed by your child either pure or diluted in a small amount of water in the evening before bed. It can be taken for a period of weeks and renewed going forward as necessary.

Calmosine was developed by Laboratoires Laudavie, a French company committed to innovation in the field of family products and founded on the principle that nature’s resources have health potential.

Common Sleep challenges

Difficulty falling asleep – particularly common in children from 3+
Nightmares – regular nightmares can be caused by the normal development of fears and an overactive imagination
Difficulty waking in the morning – excessive tiredness caused by sleep problems can make waking a challenge
Cosleeping – constant sleepless nights can cause parents to bring their child into bed with them

Waking in the night- falling asleep naturally but waking during the night.

Sleep Strategies

At the first sign of sleep problems parents will often take steps to amend their child’s bedtime routine. There are some strategies you can use to help your child attain better sleep quality:

  • Set a consistent bed time
  • Begin a 20 minute “winding down” routine before bedtime
  • Limit how much time you spend with your child when you’re tucking them in
  • Give them their favourite toy or dummy
  • Leave a water beaker within reach and keep a light on if necessary
  • Limit use of blue light emitting devices before bed such as computers, tablets and mobile phones along with TV
  • Keep taking your child back to bed with minimal fuss if they get up
  • Try to maintain a routine

A Natural Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the body’s most important functions so the effects of its disruption can be profound, especially on a child who on average should be spending ½ their time asleep. A child finding it difficult to fall asleep or frequently waking during the night are common causes for parents consulting their doctor.

Problems falling asleep will usually develop early due to separation anxiety.

Once popular interventions such as dummies and teddies have stopped working crying at night can be very distressing for your family. Sleep problems in children have a strong impact on you as a parent often causing fatigue and anxiety.
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