What is Calmosine for?

The range of Calmosine family products was developed by Laboratoires Laudavie, a French company committed to innovation and founded on the principle that nature’s resources have a curative potential. Designed and produced in France, Calmosine is certified organic by the independent body Ecocert, which approves every step of the manufacturing process from plant growth to packaging.

Digestion Relief

Sometimes babies show signs of digestive discomfort. As a parent this can be distressing to see. There are many strategies to help to soothe and calm them. 

Breastfeeding Mums

Being a new mum is both exciting and stressful and many women can feel pressured to master breastfeeding straight away. If you choose to breastfeed you can find yourself inundated with information about how best to look after yourself and your new baby.

A Natural Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the body’s most important functions. Disruptions to sleep can have an effect on the well-being of a child. We know that after a good nights sleep we feel better mentally and physically and are able to perform better throughout the day. 

Calmosine Sleep has really helped my daughter settle down in the evening and get plenty of rest at night.

Louise, Bournemouth

I’ve used Calmosine since my baby was a few weeks old as he had digestion problems. I am so pleased with it- he’s much calmer and started to sleep much better! I am so glad my mom and friends in France recommended it (especially as I was looking for an organic product) and I am so happy it is now in the UK! It means I won’t have to bring it back from France every time I go!


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