About Kestrel Medical

Family Business

Kestrel Medical Limited was incorporated by Ian Ponsford in March 2001. He was joined soon after by his daughter Maria and in 2005 by his son George. It’s a family business with all members of the family playing a key roles in developing and nurturing the growth of the company.

As well as distributing Calmosine in the UK on behalf of Laboratoires Laudavie, Kestrel Medical also distribute Otovent in the UK on behalf of Abigo Medical. 

Kestrel Medical owns and distributes throat care brand Vocalzone.


About the Manufacturers

About the Manufacturers

Pharmacist Laure Ducroux founded Laboratoires Laudavie in 2008 with 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Inspired by the challenges she was facing as a new mother she decided to create a range of natural and gentle products for parents.

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