An exciting range of natural products for mother and baby well-being. Made with natural plant extracts which offer gentle and natural solutions to help relieve minor childhood ailments and help families regain peace of mind.


Calmosine Sleep has really helped my daughter settle down in the evening and get plenty of rest at night.



I’ve used Calmosine since my baby was a few weeks old as he had digestion problems. I am so pleased with it- he’s much calmer and started to sleep much better! I am so glad my mom and friends in France recommended it (especially as I was looking for an organic product) and I am so happy it is now in the UK! It means I won’t have to bring it back from France every time I go!



I wanted to give you an update on the herbal supplement; it’s brilliant! My lactation has improved so much & I’m so pleased. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a pack. I take it everyday and it’s worked wonders honestly. Like I said I was having trouble finding the right supplement to support my lactation and also give me extra vitamins and you gave me the answer. Thank you so much!

Charaisse, London


Here is my review of Calmosine - we did absolutely love it and it made such a huge difference!
Our two year old was having nightmares most nights, he would keep us up for hours crying and screaming. The nightmares would always start after midnight and were really scary for me as his mum. He had always loved going to sleep and had been in a routine since he was born. We stumbled across calmosine at local Baby Show and received a free tester. We tried it that night and our son slept through the night for the first time in months! I needed more! We tried Calmosine for a further two weeks and it was like a completely different child! No more nightmares, he loved the taste of it and would even ask for it before bed. As the box was getting empty we were worried that he would revert to having nightmares, but thankfully he continued to have a good night sleep and so did we! It is such a relief to know that he is sleeping better, waking up more refreshed and in a better mood! How can I order another box?

Serena, Oxford


My supply evidently increased which helped a lot as my supply wasn't the strongest, and when I stopped the drinks there was an obvious decrease. The taste of them was quite nice also, so one drink a day wasn't too much of a demand.

Cheryl, Glossop


Joe was around 5 weeks old when one evening he started to be very gripey after his feed and after a few hours it was really starting to worry me.  I went to the cupboard and found the sample of Calmosine Digestion I had picked up at a baby show and tried it. He settled very quickly. I used the product routinely for a few weeks when he was unsettled and uncomfortable at meal times and found it worked quickly and he liked the taste. It is easy to use from the pod and I keep a couple in his nappy bag just in case.

Karen, Poole

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